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Happy 50th Anniversary MTAM!



January 23, 2023 marks 50 years since the Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba was incorporated. 

For five decades, MTAM has set high standards for massage therapy practice in Manitoba and provided support and resources for our members who practice Registered Massage Therapy.

To celebrate we have a variety of activities planned to highlight the important role registered massage therapy plays in our health and wellness routines, and the healthcare professionals who are committed to achieving powerful results for their clients.

“MTAM is thrilled to celebrate 50 years of championing massage therapy and MTAM’s professional healthcare members,” says Tricia Weidenbacher, MTAM Executive Director. “We consistently hear stories about how massage therapy helps clients get back to living healthy lives, and our profession is increasingly being acknowledged for its role as a vital part of a healthcare routine. We have exciting activities planned to celebrate this milestone anniversary, and look forward to continuing to advocate for our profession and our members as we move towards regulation.”

“We have a lot to celebrate for our 50th anniversary,” says MTAM Board President Offer Kuban. “Our members are Registered Massage Therapists who are committed to using professional, evidence-informed care to help their clients with pain management, injury recovery, stress reduction and preventative care. MTAM’s professional development requirements follow national standards. We are committed to improving practice through ongoing research, and we work hard to create a supportive community. This means MTAM members are among the most competent RMTs in our province, and Manitobans can trust they’re receiving professional healthcare when they choose an MTAM member.”

Click here to read more about some of what MTAM has planned to celebrate our 50th anniversary.

National Connections

We are all stronger, when we work together. We are proud of the relationships and partnerships we have with provincial Massage Therapy Associations across Canada and are a proud member of the Canadian Massage Therapist Association (CMTA).

The CMTA is a nationwide association composed of provincial professional massage therapy associations to provide a forum for collaboration to advance massage therapy as a health care profession in Canada. Officially constituted in 1991, the CMTA works cooperatively to promote massage therapy as a component of the Canadian health care system, and to ensure the highest standards in providing massage therapy to the public.

Member Associations of the CMTA meet a minimum of twice per year with the management team meeting monthly to address the work of the Association.

Current action items are advocating for the removal of GST/HST from massage therapy treatments, advocacy regarding insurance coverage for massage therapy treatments, improving efficiency and effectiveness of the CMTA and collaboration and sharing of ideas between the individual member associations.

Visit the CMTA website for updates on current projects.

Media Contacts

The Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba has a number of experienced leaders in the profession to draw on for accurate information and interviews. Email the MTAM Executive Director or phone 204-927-7977 with inquiries.

Crime-Based Headlines 

The MTAM keeps up-to-date on all court cases, incidents, and situations related to massage, massage parlours, body workers, and to cases that involve professional massage therapy health care practitioners in Manitoba.

When cases are being investigated or are in the court system, we will not comment specifically to respect the integrity of that case or investigation. The MTAM believes it is inappropriate to comment publicly on cases sub judice. Publicly discussing cases sub judice may constitute interference with the legal process.

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