Volunteer Opportunities

At the Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba, we offer various volunteer opportunities for members who are interested in getting involved and making a positive impact in the massage therapy community. 

List of Volunteer Opportunities

Committee Membership:

MTAM has several committees that focus on specific areas, such as education & events, marketing, inclusive practice,  research, and practice management. By joining a committee, you can contribute your expertise and actively participate in shaping the direction and initiatives of the Association.

Event Support:

MTAM organizes events throughout the year, including conferences, workshops, and community outreach programs. Volunteers play a crucial role in assisting with event planning, logistics, registration, and on-site support, ensuring the success of these events.

Mentorship Program:

MTAM offers a mentorship program to support new or less-experienced massage therapists. As a volunteer mentor, you can share your knowledge, skills, and experiences to guide and inspire emerging professionals in the field.

Community Outreach:

MTAM actively engages in community outreach to promote the benefits of massage therapy. Volunteers can participate in health fairs, wellness events, and other community initiatives, representing the Association and educating the public about the value of massage therapy.

Public Speaking and Education:

If you have a passion for educating others about massage therapy, volunteering as a public speaker or educator can be an excellent opportunity. You can deliver presentations, workshops, or demonstrations at conferences, schools, or community centers, spreading awareness and knowledge about the profession.

Legislative Advocacy:

Volunteers can get involved in advocating for the recognition and advancement of massage therapy within the legislative landscape. This may involve activities such as contacting legislators, participating in meetings, and contributing to the development of policies and regulations that impact the profession.

Research and Writing:

MTAM supports research initiatives within the massage therapy field. As a volunteer, you can contribute to research projects, assist with data collection, or write articles and blog posts to disseminate research findings and promote evidence-based practice.

Social Media and Content Creation:

If you have skills in social media management, content creation, or graphic design, you can volunteer to help MTAM in creating engaging content for their website, blog, and social media platforms.

Volunteering with MTAM provides an opportunity to give back to the massage therapy community, gain valuable experience, and develop leadership skills. By actively participating in volunteer activities, you contribute to the growth and advancement of the profession while connecting with fellow professionals who share your passion.

Contact us today to learn more about current volunteer opportunities!

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